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DOOM: Codes, command line params., etc.

Command line params. -devparm must be used for most of these to be active ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -devparm : developer's mode (F1 for screen shot) -watch : demo mode -playdemo filename[.lmp] : play .lmp file -timedemo filename[.lmp] : play .lmp file, show gametics and realtics at end -nodraw, -noblit : use with -playdemo or -timedemo
-nodraw : don't draw anything, goes through LMP file fast
-noblit : don't draw anything, run entire LMP file -port X : use alternate port X for network -net X : play X node game -deathmatch : start net deathmatch mode -left : show net game from "left" point of view -right : show net game from "right" point of view -drone : ? -wart, -warp [1-3] [1-9] : warp to Episode X level Y -skill [1-4] : skill level (1 = easy, 4 = ultra-violent) -episode X : start at episode X -config filename.ext : use alternate config from filename.ext -record filename[.lmp] : record to filename -recordfrom filename[.dsg] : load filename[.dsg], record to filename[.lmp] -loadgame X : load DOOMSAVx.DSG -debugfile : ? -file : load extra .wad files -nojoy : no joystick -nomouse : no mouse -nosound : no sound -nosfx : no sound effects -nomusic : no music

Ex: "doom -devparm -wart 1 1 -skill 4" will start you on the first map of
episode 1 with the hardest skill level.
Ex: "doom -devparm -wart 1 2 -skill 1 -record test" will put you on episode 1,
map 2, skill level 1, and start recording what you do to a file named
"test.lmp". To finish, you MUST either die or finish the level, then it
will dump you to DOS. If you exit any other way, it won't save the file.
Ex: "doom -playdemo test" will play the file test.lmp that you recorded.

Internal cheat keys (type these while playing - thanks to ep104@cus.cam.ac.uk) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ iddt : Use on map screen, type several times
Shows full map, then shows location of all objects, then erases iddqd : God mode idkfa : Full ammo + 200% armor, no backpack (Kick Fuckin' Ass) idspispopd : No clipping idbehold : Followed by R, I, V, A, L, or S
R = Radiation suit
I = Invisible
V = Invincible
A = Automap (reveal entire map)
L = Light amplification
S = Berserker mode idclev : Followed by episode number and level number (a warp!) idmypos : Prints your coordinates in hex idchoppers : Prints "Doesn't suck - GM" and gives you a chainsaw and makes you
Level names in all 3 episodes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ** Knee Deep in the Dead ** Hangar Nuclear Plant Toxin Refinery Command Control Phobos Lab Central Processing Computer Station Phobos Anomaly Military Base
** The Shores of Hell ** Deimos Anomaly Containment Area Refinery Deimos Lab Command Center Halls of the Damned Spawning Vats Tower of Babel Fortress of Mystery
** Inferno ** Hell Keep Slough of Despair Pandemonium House of Pain Unholy Cathedral Mt. Erebus Limbo Dis Warrens
The end game messages for all 3 episodes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ** Knee Deep in the Dead ** Once you beat the big badasses and clean out the moon base you're supposed to win, aren't you? Aren't you? Where's your fat reward and ticket home? What the hell is this? It's not supposed to end this way! It stinks like rotten meat, but looks like the lost Deimos base. Looks like you're stuck on The Shores of Hell. The only way out is through. To continue the DOOM experience, buy The Shores of Hell and its amazing sequel, Inferno!
** The Shores of Hell ** You've done it! The hideous cyber-demon lord that ruled the lost Deimos moon base has been slain and you are triumphant! But ... where are you? You clamber to the edge of the moon and look down to see the awful truth. Deimos floats above Hell itself! You've never heard of anyone escaping from Hell, but you'll make the bastards sorry they ever heard of you! Quickly, you rappel down to the surface of Hell. Now, it's on to the final chapter of DOOM! - Inferno.
** Inferno ** The loathsome spiderdemon that masterminded the invasion of the moon bases and caused so much death has had its ass kicked for all time. A hidden doorway opens and you enter. You've proven too tough for Hell to contain, and now Hell at last plays fair - for you emerge from the door to see the green fields of Earth! Home at last. You wonder what's been happening on Earth while you were battling evil unleashed. It's good that no Hell-spawn could have come through that door with you.
DOOM: Codes, command line params., etc.

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